Monday, March 11, 2013

Calluses and Diabetes

Calluses are caused by the constant rubbing of a certain part of the shoe on a person's foot. For the average person, this would be something that would not cause worry. However, if you are a diabetic, this is a worrisome problem.
Calluses occur more often and build up faster on the feet of diabetics than those without the condition because of the high pressure areas that are on diabetic feet.
Many diabetics suffer from neuropathy, which is characterized by a loss of feeling in the limbs, in particular the feet. When you lose the sensation in your feet, you will not notice the rubbing of your foot against your shoes. This becomes a problem because if the diabetic does not daily look at their feet, that tiny callus will grow and eventually turn into an ulcer if left untreated.
The average person will typically not seek treatment for a callus unless it is causing them pain. Diabetics should seek treatment immediately if they see a callus on their feet. They should not try any over-the-counter remedies, as the diabetic patient's foot is so fragile. You may use a pumice stone on wet skin daily to combat calluses from getting out of control.
Calluses can be easily treated by routine visits to your podiatrist. But when you miss or skip podiatric visits altogether, you put yourself at risk for that callus further developing. The more friction and rubbing allowed by shoes on the affected area, the greater the likelihood the callus will split open and an infection will begin. Untreated infections in diabetic patients lead to ulcers and wounds, which too often lead to foot amputations. And no one wants to lose a toe, foot, or limb.
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